Automated dialogue replacement (ADR) is the process of re-recording dialogue by the original actor after the filming process to improve audio quality or reflect dialogue changes
Location Sound
All sound recording on set during the filmmaking or television production using professional audio equipment, for later inclusion in the finished product, or for reference to be used by the sound designer, sound effects editors, or foley artists. This requires choice and deployment of microphones, choice of recording media, and mixing of audio signals in real time.
Live Recording
Live recording done in studio via Vocal Booth, Live Room or Direct in for digital and analog signals.
The pride of the studio is our editing ability. Let us edit your work to achieve the high impact results you want.
Artist Production / Development
Creating a project from start to finish is a daunting task, but we are here to help! We can assist you both as an amateur or professional artist with decision-making along the way. Your sound, target audience, and image are all important things to consider. We take personal pride in all our projects and it shows in our artists results!
SPL Testing Services
Sound Pressure Level Testing for industry and automotive (and anything else you want tested). We use state of the art tests to provide you with the information you need regarding noise in a space or noise emanating from an object as well as resonate frequencies associated with it.
Commercial Production
Producing works for the purpose of advertising, broadcasting or other business / media (including political).
Audio Installations.
We install residential, commercial and automotive audio systems, video systems. We also sell HIGHLY effective Custom acoustic treatment panels.
Original Works
Sound Effects, Score Music and Custom Instrumentals for music artists and commercial advertisement. Try us out!

At Lofty Productions, we go above and beyond to accommodate every need our client has.  Please reach out to us if you have further questions about what we do using our Contact Page .